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                Shanghai Panda Machinery Group General Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Panda Group. It specializes in air compressor and affiliated equipments, and has all-around operations of R&D, manufacture, sale and service.

               Our company gathers a high-class R&D team, the main part of which is mechanical engineering experts and air compressor systems engineering designers. The products field of air compressor is enlarged continually, and now it provides air compressor and affiliated equipments including screw air compressor、piston air compressor、oil-free air compressor、 project using air compressor、medium-pressure air compressor、air compressor parts and so on.

              The future succeed belongs to the period of quality leaders. Our company always upholds the concept of “Purchasing the leader, tomorrow will be brilliant”, and takes “Technology advance products, details determine qualities, service widen the market” as our purpose. Moreover, we have built a complete quality management and systems, to insure products and service qualities, also to insure the excellence of Panda brand products.

              As “Customers are resources of company development”, we strive to provide our customer with energy-saving, eco-friendly, reliable products and services.